The matter of hatching ant eggs.

We can no longer get Lost Island Ants and Barren Ants for free.

It became possible to obtain it only by using cash and fulfilling the conditions.

What do the developers of this game want?


I know you are upset , same goes for most of players
Right now from what I understand, the season barren land special ants can be obtained by lucky points or blessing points.

There is a minimum chance to obtain 1 season ant as free to play,which is by lucky points that can be increased by hatching season eggs .

Collect season eggs as much as possible from store season and personal achievement,camp achievements, milstone, and increase the honor to 100 k to complete benefits tasks that gives about 15 eggs

Be happy you get to go to the island i have been working super hard went from 3 million power to 10 million in 3 weeks and i cant go to the island

Hello Seryu,

You can get a guarantee Barren Ant if you participate in Barren land or lost island through the end rewards eggs. Dominated and Explorer Eggs

For the next update they will include Barrren Ants in the Seasonal eggs hatchpool in lost island and barren land. Also a guarantee barren ant if you win lost island or Barren land