The Facebook Event of The Ants (December 3rd)

It is well known that ants love sweet food. Putting the same sweet honey water and apple in front of the ants, the ants prefer to drink the honey water, while the apple is rarely asked for. Do you know why, smart Rulers? Let us know in the comment under the Event Page!


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  2. Leave your comments here with your answer and ID under the event post of our Facebook Page
  3. The post will be published in multiple channels, and a game ID can only receive this reward once.

Event Rewards:
Participation Rewards: 30k Sand, 30k Honey dew, 30k Wet soil and 45x1min speedups
Lucky Rewards: 60k Sand, 60k Honey dew, 60k Wet soil and 75x1min speedups

We will deliver the reward within 7 working days after the event deadline: 2022.12.09 23:59:59 (UTC).

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