The Community Event of The Ants (September 22, 2023)

What a total circus act!

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Will they have another chance on getting that new Carrier Insect?

Will there be a fighting arena for paid insects? Will insects be strengthened?
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ID: 43205701
A new type of Mantis? (idk) Is Queen able to fight???

I realy don´t like these types of “Fake Ads”.
The Game is realy good and i know some people who are realy put off after trying the game and seeing that it´s nothing like these videos.

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New monster will appear soon?
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Fosse assim, não rodava nos smartfones. :joy: :rofl:
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Will we be able to get buffs from killing insects like a rare drop. 63623467

WB and RM
Please come to me
Id 19762400

the new insect will come?

id = 52697259

a comer grillos…
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The game could easily be half as big a COC

New Contenance ?
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