The Community Event of The Ants (September 15, 2023)

Treasure of Bees event is open for a limited time!

Awakening part of Myrmarachne Formicaria-Gorgeous Abdomen is coming. Come to trigger the Bees and redeem the awakening parts you want!
Event Time: Sep 15, 00:00-Sep 17, 23:59 (UTC)

Share your view of the event and leave your Game ID in the comments under the post! The mysterious rewards will be sent via Mail within 15 workdays after the event ends (September 21, 23:59:59, UTC+0).


ID 45662439

ID 51208040

so excited for special ants rewards, reward events are all exciting!!!

ID: 62725250


ID 65242542

Id: 61354969

Not there yet.

ID 59811100

Id 65635048


Pretty good event
ID: 60644386


good event if you own that ants

id = 52697259

ID: 40881359

Id: 47558139

I.D 65857754

Farmers ain’t Kings
ID: 44805125

ID : 13618962
Love the reform in the exchange store

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