The Community Event of The Ants (October 21, 2023)

:fire:Have you ever had the experience of accidentally attacking the Top 1 alliance of the server​:joy::joy::joy:? Did this experience make you feel great​:ghost::ghost::ghost:?
Yes: :+1:
No: :laughing:

:writing_hand:Share your answer and leave your Game ID in the comments under the post! The mysterious rewards will be sent via Mail within 15 workdays after the event topic ends (October 27, 23:59:59, UTC+0).

:star:Instagram Free Gift Code Hunt Event (Week of October 16th-October 22nd) Clues (5-Final)!

Get clues by visiting the official Instagram and finding the same post. (→TheAnts(Official) (@theants_undergroundkingdom) • Instagram photos and videos)


Yes, at that time we were in server 1103.
ID: 60809966

Yes. Khiêu chiến để lên top 1
ID: 64855023

Yes i did and king made me fly. :smile::smile:

Id: 64121608

ID: 43205701
It never happened to me, but i did accidentally scout an alliance member from Nap10, luckily i apologized on time.

:laughing: No, I was lucky to get in Nap5 alliance…

ID: 61781935

ID: 18253865

Was back in the day. xD
Nowadays servers are more chilled.

Never happened, i´ts not hard to await :wink:

ID: 44761562

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