The Community Event of The Ants (June 24, 2023)

The ants actually built an anthill in the bamboo? How is this possible? What other incredible stories do ants have?

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I agree with everything except eating ants. Promise not to eat ants :rofl:
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Ant the most Savage creatures on the planet cuz they’re 10 times stronger than anything this size to fearless and the attacking numbers Michael33#7144

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poor ants no more bamboo home

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Ants are so creative in finding their homes, once I found so many entrances in the gaps of my floor tiles lol. (Weaver ants are creative especially :))

what is certain is that the ants will never be in extinction :joy::joy: id: 59021548

Ants will adapt to any environment, they are awesome!
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Ants are so amazing, their hability to be the most fucking amazing animal on the planet…?.. still surprised about what they can do, like their strenght?
Out of this world

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Nice to see how they adapt to their environment. ^^

Ants have 0 fall damage


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