The Community Event of The Ants (July 20, 2023)

How to easily get the IX rewards of the Strongest Warzone on the gathering day? Which resources will you go for gathering? Come and tell Jerry the trick of collecting!

Leave your answer and Game ID in the comments under the post! Participate in the event and have a chance to win a mysterious reward!

PS. The mysterious rewards will be sent via Mail within 7 workdays after the event ends (July 26, 23:59:59, UTC+0).


ID :33951052
I’m a beginner, so I can’t say the exact answer, but I know that it is necessary to use raspberries

ID : 42581490

ID: 57774027

Dejar tus tropas desde 1 día antes con bonificación de recolección de 24horas, y después del reinicio recolectar las tropas con frambuesa de puntos dobles, y cuando termines las tareas diarias volver a dejar las tropas en las losas para volver a recolectarlas poco antes del siguiente día.

ID: 18253865

It all depends on your Gatherer level.
Once you reach certain levels there might be a boost for meat.
But in general I’d recommend gathering meat or plants.

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Gathering Sand + collect season soldier + 100% bonus points. ID: 43205701

ID : 13618962
The easiest is get level up locust to level 11,
change to cultivator, gather meat

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ID : 60782107
The easiest is get level up locust to level 11,
change to cultivator, gather sand

ID: 61600261

Gather level 7 bushes. Get and use the item “50% Gathering Bonus for 24 Hours” from the Alliance store. Start collecting the day before the collection day.

Depends on what your gathering level is
Id 61305575

I get the vi rewards most times, though when we can go to the other server and gather ibget ix those days easy. Id: 59184225 server: 1077

Id: 59357564
Aprendi foi mais aqui, sempre coletava somente carne, no dia do evento, ativando a framboesa e bônus de coleta, agora aprendi mais, obrigado a todos que compartilham. :smile: :star_struck: :grinning:

ID: 40881359
I would gather especially sand and then use raspberries for double points.

ID: 57594402
I leave collecting meat without the speed skill, the day before, and when I come back, I use the raspberry, using the cultivator class queen

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