The Community Event of The Ants (December 4, 2023)

:dart:What was the first ant that you focused on "raising":eyes:? Driver Ant? Golden Spiny? Dark Giant? Or others? Was it a wise decision at the time? Is it still in your troops​:laughing:? Join the discussion now and receive your free "Community Surprise Chest":tada:!

:gift:Participation Reward: Community Surprise Chest1
Lucky Reward: Community Surprise Chest
3 (Some additional draws)

:alarm_clock: Event Deadline: December 18th (23:59:59, UTC+0)

:scroll: Participation Method: Like, share, and write your opinion in the comment section along with your game ID! The rewards will be delivered via mail within 15 working days after this topic comes to an end.

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My first ant was the golden shell and I still use it sometimes in my formations.

First real Focus was the Jack Jumper (still going strong) and the burchelli as an honorable second

ID: 44761562

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My first ant is Golden Amor. I still use it although PVP thí ant is not very good.
ID: 60809966

Iam new player nad got the golden armor
ID: 68379379

The first ant I focused on was Gold Armor.
ID: 40881359

just kill the spiny driver golden bullet make them to shell
and improve RM or SM or MM

id = 52697259

Went full Golden Armor… my mistake

ID: 66386130

ID: 67419878

Golden armor not the best but it will make a great decomp :cry:

I had to decompose my old golden spiny :frowning:

ID: 65242542

ID : 13618962

Golden Armour

Golden Spiny

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