The Community Event of The Ants (August 24, 2023)

When the groundhog comes, which type of soldier ants will the Rulers use to attack it? What is your maximum damage?

Share your answer and leave your Game ID in the comments under the post! The mysterious rewards will be sent via Mail within 15 workdays after the event ends (August 30, 23:59:59, UTC+0).

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My guardians are technically stronger, but the shooters seem to do more max damage against creatures/pve. Id:59184225 server:1077

even if you have t9 shooter, it will not work if you dont have insect level 9+

ID = 52697259

Aku baru t8 tapi kekuatannya msih sedikit

Id 58859995

Carricero ID 42622000

ID: 18253865
Definitly Shooter like most players. xD

Guardian id: 59723999

Shooter Ants, even though I’m using a 2-star mimicry master, my 0-star crimson fragger and jack jumper with shooter soldiers always seem to deal more damage every single time. ID: 43205701

Shooter also only because of the Dps is higher than any other combination/ type…


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Carriers all the way
ID : 13618962