The Community Event of The Ants (August 1, 2023)

Have you seen any pirates in game😂? Especially when it is not a purge day based on the Non-Aggression Pact (NAP)? What strategies do you have for dealing with these naughty “friends”?

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*herb **herb**26025929

Id: 61305575
I just shield up and ignore the war going on


ID :33951052
These pirates are on every server, but not every one survives

ID : 13618962
I was once a pirate. Fun Times. But migration cane and lot so alliances left.

ID :59605309

ID: 43205701
During the early days of my server, one alliance (THA) left nap and became pirates so they changed their alliance to (POT) Pirates of Thailand. Had to always put up my shield when I’m sleeping.

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Awesome info

Id : 57155390

ID: 40881359
I use shield to avoid the pirates attack.

Theres always atleast one, we do our best lol Id: 59184225 server: 1077

ID : 58224651
NAP 10 are the real pirates. Always using a shield. Thanks for the alliance Shield !

Lo atacamos hasta que acepte las reglas jajaja
ID: 62090539

ID: 18253865
If someone dares to hit our alliance, I have enough bloodthirsty members to send after them. So noone really dares anymore. :rofl:

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Shields up. So far haven’t encountered one yet. But our alliance was once threatened to be farmed cause we are few in numbers and we refused to join a coalition.

ID: 62384225

don’t have a shield? just empty your baskets!

Attack back

ID 63536100

ID :42581490

I control the level of resources. Pirates do not attack without assessment.

Shouldn’t these be looted? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

New player. I have no idea how I’d deal with them and hope to never meet one
ID: 63695258