The Best cultivador troops for Cultivators até..

Please, share your thoughts, send a print of The formation that you think that’s Best, please specify It why do you think that’s The Best…

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Hello Dear Ruler.

Let me recommend some PVP comps for you to use while in the Cultivator class.

First of all, if you are in the cultivator class, I do not recommend that you focus on attack first, because no matter how strong you are, you may not be able to use your PVP power to its full potential.

Carrier comp

Strumigenys Eggersi, Shikaree Master, Golden Crystal
I recommend a two-range melee comp because one of the biggest weaknesses of the cultivator class is the damage potential it loses.

Key features of the unit:

  • Dodge skill “SE
  • damage dealer “SM, GC
  • High level burst damage and booster “GC

Shooter comp

Dolichoderus Bispinosus, Waver Ant, Wise Berserker
“The best attack is counterattack.” (For shooters)
Perfect match with two melee and an incredible burst damage ranged ant. It should definitely be used when in the cultivator class or raider class.

Key features of the unit:

  • Counterattack “DB
  • Counterstock “WB
  • High level burst damage “WB

Guardian comp

Procrytocerus Adlerzi, Hairy Panther (or Mimicry Master), Leaf Devourer

Suppress damage from rival ants and attack at full potential. That’s the power of this unit.

Key features of the unit:

  • Preventing the opponent’s potential “PA, HP
  • High damage potential “DL, HP, MM

NOTE: When you use MM, you may not be able to use your suppress abilities applied to opponent abilities to their full potential.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.