The Batch 8 (S2-900) of Barren Land has opened the preview!

The Batch 8 (S2-900) of Barren Land has opened the preview! The Batch 27 (S2-1000) of Lost Island also started the season simultaneously! Is your server in this Batch? Leave your message in the comment!

There are still two weeks until the Matchmaking Period, and the victory is for those who are prepared. Enter the official forum immediately to start your recruitment plan in advance (Alliance Recruitment - The Ants: Underground Kingdom)!

:tada:Attachment: Community Gift Code Hunt Event (Week of July 24th-30th) Revealed (1)!

:gift:Get clues by visiting the official Instagram and finding the same post.

:scroll:Event Description: The official team will periodically release gift code fragments on the official Instagram. These fragments consist of letters or numbers, and when combined, they form a complete 10-character gift code. Players need to collect the gift code fragments in the order of posting time on the official Instagram. Once you’ve successfully collected all the fragments, click the link provided to redeem the code accordingly. (The Ants)

:ear_of_rice:Rewards for Redeeming the Gift Code in this Phase:

  1. Community Surprise Treasure Chest x3
  2. Expiry Date for Redemption: August 13, 2023
  3. Number of Redemptions: 500 (Each ID can only redeem once)
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