The Ants: Underground Kingdom Homepage Review Event

Thanks to the support of our Rulers from all over the world, our official Facebook now has more than 50k followers! Applause! To express our gratitude, we have brought a new Facebook event!

What? Why would I participate in this event?
Because we have prepared massive gifts for you!:gift:
Let’s take a look at the rewards for this event!


  1. Participation Rewards: You will get an Exclusive Community Chest worth $20 as long as you participate in this event, which contains Diamonds and rare in-game items!
  2. Excellent Participation Rewards: We will select Rulers with quality reviews and award them Exclusive Community Avatar Frames.

Event Rules:

  1. Enter the official Facebook page of The Ants: Underground Kingdom
  2. Tap the “…” button and follow us
  3. Tap “Review” to leave your constructive review
  4. Leave your game ID, server, and the review screenshot in the event post
    You can participate in the event by completing these 4 steps!

Event Deadline:
2022/8/28 23:59:59 (UTC)

Do you want the Exclusive Community Chests and the Exclusive Community Avatar Frame worth $20 that you can only obtain from the community? Tap the link to join our event immediately!

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