[The Ants] September 25 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
07:00–07:30 on September 25, 2023 (UTC)

[New Contents]

  1. Added the “Special Ant Awakening Reversion” feature, which becomes available when Special Ant Awakening is both unlocked and activated;
  2. Added a new set of treasure systems to the Treasure Storage, which can now be viewed at the Treasure Depot;
  3. Added a new Insect Growth Plan that includes a “Fantasy Insect Egg” on the 30th day, offering a selection of insects such as Devil Flower, Potamidae, Emperor Scorpion, and Stag Beetle! (Note that if the old version of the Insect Growth Plan was not activated before the update, it will be replaced by the new version. However, if the old version was activated before the update, you can continue to receive rewards from the old version and purchase the new version simultaneously).

For more information, kindly check what’s new in the game after the update is over!

ID: 59357564