[The Ants] October 24th Update Maintenance Notice

Dear Ruler,

@Server Member To provide you with a better game experience, we will perform an update for bug-fixing and optimization, which begins at UTC 7:00 on October 24th, and you will not be able to log in. Please do not worry and get prepared earlier. Maintenance is estimated to be 60 minutes or so.

But the exact opening time is TBD. Stay tuned for official notice.

We apologize for any potential inconvenience or confusion caused.
After maintenance, all Rulers will receive compensation.

[Update Time]
2022/10/24 7:00-8:00 (UTC)

[New Content]
1.Added Halloween Vibes (including the Loading page, the Queen, Land of Abundance and etc.)
2.Added Lv.11 and Lv.12 for Anthill Skin Star.
3.Added a Subscription Service: Subscription Agreement (Only available for our games downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store; your first subscription will be for free, but each game account or Store account can enjoy the free trial only once.)
4.Added a new feature: Clean Mode. After turning this option on, you can only see your own March Troops on the map, and other Rulers’ March Troops will be displayed as March Lines for a smoother gaming experience. (Tap the setting to open)

1.Optimized Insect Helper system: now Purple & Blue Combat Insects can have a Helper Insect. (The stars of the insect needs to be 8 Stars or above)
2.Optimized the display order of Text Icons in Warzone Construction page.
3.Optimized information displayed in the Trial of Valor. Now you can tap the Pangolin on the map to view the remaing challenge times and other details.
4.Optimized the information displayed in the Special Ant Awakening page, allowing you to scroll down to check the text.
5.Optimized the Special Ants Station page:
added a special effects for the available skill icon & a notification of the available skill times. Unavailable skill turns grey & translucent skill icon shows skill progress & a countdown in skill details page.
6.Optimized the Rally page. Added a special effect notification when you can join the rally.
7.Added a Instruction button for Preset Formation in March Troops page, allowing you view details of each lineup.
8.Adjusted the Difficulty of Stationed Troops of the Tree of Abundance, the Tunnels and etc. under Bonus.
(Fairy noted that some alliances are so strong to break throught the Tunnel even it still has Bonus. This is not what we wanted. To make Ll more balanced, the level of difficulty will be adjusted.)

1.Fixed the ranking issue arising from the Maze Settlement under certain conditions.
2.Fixed the issue related to the Time-limited Skins under certain conditions.
3.Fixed the Power display issue when failing to upgrade the stars of your Insects.
4.Fixed the pop-up issue when trying to use buff items in your Inventory while you have enjoyed related Anthill Buffs.
5.Fixed the percentage display issue when manually inputing the number of related EXP items.
6.Fixed the pop-up issue when previewing the Special Ants Hatching Pool, thus leading to wrongful display of the Awakening icon.

The Ants Studio

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Can this be explained with more detail please :slight_smile:

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This part of the update isn’t fully functional yet. The devs will be relaying more information once it’s up and running properly :slight_smile: