[The Ants] November 6 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
07:00–07:30 on November 6, 2023 (UTC)

[New Contents]

  1. Added the requirements to unlock the Island Treasure in the [Treasure of Wishes feature] of the Worker Ant Exploration. (Please note that after this update, the selected [Treasure of Wishes] in the [Worker Ant Exploration Queue] will be reset. Therefore, you need to manually re-select your Treasure of Wishes as soon as possible after the update is complete. If you do not re-select your Treasure of Wishes after the update, you will receive Treasure Materials according to the default probability.)


  1. Adjusted the attribute types of some [Soldier Counter Relations] in the evolution aspect, including the hatching of Guardian Ants, Shooter Ants, and Carrier Ants in the Evolution Fungi. The original attributes from the counter-relations are adjusted to attack, defense, and health bonuses for the corresponding soldier ant types, balancing the evolutionary differences in different soldier types. For more details, please check the game after the update;
  2. Optimized the texts of certain pages within the game.


  1. Fixed the abnormal display of custom avatar images under certain conditions;
  2. Fixed the disappearance of building bubbles that may occur after failing to switch the anthill layout;
  3. Fixed the abnormal display of red dots under certain conditions;
  4. Fixed the abnormal display of [Remaining Challenge Times Today] in the Trial of Valor event under certain conditions;
  5. Fixed the issue where the β€œQuick Heal” button could not be tapped after disabling the Sentinel Tree reminder.
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