[The Ants] June 5 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
07:00–07:30 on June 5, 2023 (UTC)


  1. Shortened the abandonment time of the soldier ant colony in the season to 2 minutes.
  2. Germ Evolution is added to the Germ system (the germ evolution can only be unlocked after having 10-star germ
  3. Optimized the self-selection function of the strongest warzone free development event, and the system will save the last event type selection by default. (After this update is completed, you need to manually select once to activate the default save function)
  4. Increased the character limit of alliance mail.
  5. Optimized the text translation of some languages.
  6. Optimized the event time display of the Benefits


  1. Fixed the problem that the skill release times of the Cicindela aurulenta were incorrectly counted and displayed in the usage times of the special ant skills. Note: After this problem is fixed, in the battle report with the Cicindela aurulenta, the number of times the Special Ant skill is released will be reduced, but it will not affect the damage caused by the Special Ant in battle.
  2. Fixed the problem that the enemy troop in the tower could not be dismissed when the camp protection was turned on during the Barren Land.
  3. Fixed the problem that the troop failed to garrison the fortress under certain circumstances during the Barren Land.
  4. Fixed the problem that new towers under construction could not be placed in the pre-occupied range during the Barren Land.
  5. Fixed the problem that the text on the upgrade interface displayed incorrectly when the soldier ant colony reached its full level during the Barren Land.
  6. Fixed the problem that the coordinate sharing behavior of alliance R0 members was not restricted during the season.

The efforts of the developers are valuable.
I wish you would separate the chat translation settings from the game language settings.
Translation plays a big role in communication between people. And I see a lot of people who have a lot of problems interacting with others because the chat part doesn’t translate their language.
It is interesting that this action is available. For example, if I type Farsi, others can translate it. But I can’t
translate other languages into Farsi. And the reason is that the chat language cannot be set individually




Podrían arreglar la hormiga panda :panda_face: