[The Ants] July 31 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

[The Ants] July 31 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
07:00–07:30 on July 31, 2023 (UTC)


  1. Added [Alliance Peace Shield] function, alliance R4 and R5 can activate alliance peace shields for alliance members.
  2. The [Quick Raid] function is added to the underground maze, which can be unlocked after reaching the 20th floor for the first time.
  3. New features in season mode:
    ①In the season, the [One-tap Healing] function outside the anthill is added. When the ruler is outside the anthill, this function can be used to quickly heal the soldier ants.
    ②Campsite function was added in the season of the Barren Land (Note: the campsite function will only be available on the season map that signed up after August 14, 2023).


  1. Season mode optimization:
    ① A quick view button of ruler information has been added to the application information page of cross-server convocation.
    ②Optimized the display of Wonder Points in the Barren Land season.


  1. Fixed the problem that the Golden Spiny was not correctly included in the [Combat-Universal] tab of the special ants list.
  2. Fixed the problem that the leaderboard data displayed abnormally under certain operations in the Trial of Valor.
  3. Fixed the inconsistency between the actual combat power and the combat power displayed when the troop is stationing.
  4. Season mode fixes:
    ①Fixed the problem that the camp protection time displayed on the [Camp Manage-Camp Protection] page in the Barren Land season was inconsistent with the actual selection time under certain circumstances.
    ②Fixed the problem that the Auto Hunt Wild Creatures may not be enabled normally at the edge of the map during the season.
    ③Fixed the problem that the durability value of fortresses might be abnormal under certain circumstances.