[The Ants] January 29 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
07:00–07:30 on January 29, 2024 (UTC)

[New Contents]

  1. Daily tasks have been added with active rewards. By completing daily tasks, you can accumulate active coins and obtain rich rewards. (Note: This event is only activated on servers that have initiated the Island Season Sign-Up Period. Servers that have not yet launched this feature will progressively do so in line with the season’s schedule. Please stay tuned.)
  2. The list of items that can be redeemed in the Underground Maze - Maze Store has been added with the awakening part of Gold Armor - Gilding Shell.
  3. The Soldiers Reform Pool - Reform Chest interfere has been added with a new function option that allows you to open 50 reform chests at once.
  4. A new season alliance tower transfer reminder icon has been added. The R5 of the alliance receiving the transferred tower can see this icon on the main screen.
  5. In the Barren Land, a new feature has been added: the ‘Anthill Champion Points Leaderboard.’ You can now check the champion points ranking of your alliance members for the current season (This feature will apply to season batches that open for registration on or after January 15th.)
  6. A new way to earn Champion Points has been added to the Barren Land season: you can now earn Champion Points by increasing your Honor Points (This change will take effect for season batches that open for registration on or after January 15th.)


  1. Optimized the display of some buttons on the Building Queue interface.
  2. Optimized the Insect Remain icon in the Four-Season event.
  3. Optimized the text for failing to join a rally that has already ended.
  4. Optimized the camp protection time notification on the Barren Land-Selection Period screen.
  5. Optimized some season-related text content.


  1. Fixed the issue that the stationed troops difficulty of the soldier ants colony in the island season is not affected by the distance.
  2. Fixed the issue that some language texts in the Campsite interface during the season are not fully displayed.
  3. Fixed the issue that the server information was not displayed in the troop information when attacking enemy towers and buildings alone during the season.
  4. Fixed the issue that in some cases, Rulers could support enemy towers occupied by our side from the Safe Area during the season.
  5. Fixed the issue that caused the reset of anthill layout to fail under certain circumstances.
  6. Fixed the issue that caused display anomalies in the Underground Maze’s “Special Ant First Aid/Special Ant Healing” interface.