[The Ants] January 16 2024 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

[The Ants] January 16 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

Dear Ruler,

In order to provide you with a better gaming experience, we will be performing the scheduled maintenance at UTC 07:00 on January 16 to update the game and fix bugs, which may take approximately 30 minutes. During this period, you will not be able to log in. Please don’t worry and prepare yourself in advance.

The duration of the maintenance might be adjusted according to the actual situation. Please stay tuned for the official notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused. When the update is over, you will receive appropriate compensation.

[Update Time]
07:00–07:30 on January 16, 2024 (UTC)

[New Contents]
1.The preview event for the New Season: [Race of Champions - Vast Jungle] will be launched soon! (Note: The first batch of preview event will only be available on some servers, and other servers will be opened in batches in the future. Please stay tuned.)

1.Optimized the guidance effects and buff description text related to insect potential;
2.Optimized some community icons on the maintenance announcement bulletin board;
3.Removed the in-game background sound effects related to the winter Christmas theme.

1.Fixed the issue that the redirect function in the Soldiers Reform System may not work properly in some cases;
2.Fixed the issue that during the Barren Land season, the battle report data may be displayed incorrectly when attacking the Stationed Troops in the Soldier Ants Colony in the Campsite;
3.Fixed the issue that the text on the Wild Hunting Report mail interface is abnormal;
4.Fixed the issue that caused game lag after tapping the device’s return button in certain scenarios;
5.Fixed the issue that the additional effect icon of the formation evolution skill is not displayed after a special operation.
6.Fixed the issue that some text descriptions are abnormal.

Have fun!

The Ants Studio