The Ants: Forum Rules

Table of contents




General Conduct in the Forum

Posting in the Forum

Contacting the Support


  • The following rules can be changed or edited at any time. Please check them regularly.
  • Any breach of the following Rules or the Terms and Conditions that can be found here, may lead to a warning or ban.
  • It is in the discretion of the Forum Team to apply these Rules as they think it is necessary.
  • The Forum Staff reserves the right to change the rules if they think it is needed, if you have any suggestion, question or need any clarification, please feel free to contact any moderator and ask for information.
  • The Forum Rules are the same for every language section of this Forum for everyone’s convenience.


Forum Hierarchy

The hierarchy of our Forum is the following:

  1. Fairy
  2. Forum Administrator
  3. Senior Moderator
  4. Moderator
  5. Trainee Moderator

If you need to complain about a behavior/decision of any of the Staff Members, please contact the level above them.


1. Accounts

Any account that seems to be intentionally impersonating any Staff Member is strictly forbidden.

2. General Conduct in the Forum

It is not allowed to have a username, post content or links that can be considered as:
  • Insults
  • Obscenity/ Swear word or abbreviations
  • Illegal
  • Pornographic or explicitly sexual
  • References to drugs
  • Racist
  • Religious
  • Defamatory statements or personal attacks
  • Commercial
  • Political
  • Advertisement
  • Copyrighted material

Please keep in mind that the Forum is a place for communication, conversation, seeking help, giving feedback and socializing. While you might be angry, annoyed and in desperate need to express it, this is not the right place.

3. Posting in the Forum

While posting in the Forum, please make sure that you are posting in the appropriate section. The title should describe/relate to the subject of the topic and the content within the post.

Before creating or replying to a topic remember:

  1. Do not report exploits or other players in the Forum. In case you report bugs please make sure you have first created a ticket for the game Support via Discord, LINE or the In-Game GM.
  2. Do not avoid the forum-filter
  3. Do not re-open a closed (or older) topic, contact a moderator instead
  4. Do not give out any personal information about yourself or anyone else
  5. Do not copy any conversation without the permission of all parties involved
  6. Avoid pushing topics (exception: alliance recruitment may be pushed every 24hrs)
  7. Avoid posts that are considered: spamming, trolling, flaming, boycotting, “violating the Terms and Conditions” or in general upsetting the forum atmosphere
  8. Posts about phishing, selling accounts or diamonds or ressources, cheats, spreading viruses or other malicious software are not allowed
  9. Do not impersonate any StarUnion employee or Staff Member
  10. Do not discuss about politics in our Forum (e.g. basic rights, constitutional law, freedom of religion, etc.) - there are other boards for that
  11. Avoid posting or sharing links that are not related to The Ants: Kingdom Underground
  12. Do not discuss/complain about in-game or on-forum warnings, mutes or bans in the Forum - contact the Team instead. For in-game related issues contact the support team via Discord, LINE or the In-Game GM.
  13. Always use the language of the section you are posting in.
  14. Please do not put usernames, company names etc as part of your topics' titles
  15. Last but not least, always make sure your post is related to the subject of the topic.


Contacting the Support

To contact the game Support please use either one of the following methods:

The Ants Official Discord (Click to join)

How to create a Ticket in Discord
  • Accept the Servers rules
  • Select a language in the associated channel
  • Look for the Channel "#ticket" and click "Create Ticket"
  • A new channel has opened. Send your inquiry and a Team Member will be with you as soon as they are free

Note: If you can’t see the “Create Ticket” Button you have to update your Discord App


How to contact Fairy in LINE
  • Download the App LINE from your Phones' Playstore/Appstore
  • Add @theants (Don't forget the @!)

In-game GM

How to contact Fairy in-game
  • Use the Button titled "GM" in your UI
  • Choose "Contact GM"
  • OR

  • Tap your Power
  • go to "Settings"
  • Click the Menubutton "Customer Service"