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Today we have prepared a Red Dates Feast for little ants. Look how happy they are!
The little ants don’t forget to clean their mouths and hands when they are done eating.
Do you know any other small creatures that love cleanliness like little ants? Leave the comment if you know!

How to participate?
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2.Like and leave comment under this post.Remember leave your in-game ID and server number.

Instagram Link:TheAnts(Official) on Instagram: "Today we have prepared a Red Dates Feast for little ants. Look how happy they are! The little ants don’t forget to clean their mouths and hands when they are done eating.  Do you know any other small creatures that love cleanliness like little ants? Leave the comment if you know! How to participate? 1.Follow our Instagram Page 2.Like and leave comment under this post.Remember leave your in-game ID and server number.  All players who participate this contest with qualified entries will win WetSoil*30k, Meat*30k, Plant*30k and 15-min Speedup*2 for FREE  And we will deliver the reward within 7 working days after event deadline:2022.11.10 23:59:59 (UTC)."
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All players who participate this contest with qualified entries will win WetSoil30k, Meat30k, Plant30k and 15-min Speedup2 for FREE

And we will deliver the reward within 7 working days after event deadline:2022.11.10 23:59:59 (UTC).