The Ants: Class Bonuses


In Herder class, when I try to send rss to other players, my max load is 104,000, and is cut heavily with taxes. This is while my RT is lvl20 and using Ally Assitance lvl5 Class Feature. Besides upgrading the Resource Tunnel, what can I do to increase the support load? How big can it become?

Hi @wrapperNo1

VIP level also increases the resource load capacity by up to 50k

However the best way to transfer resources is letting that person attack you.

Have that person you want to give resources to leave alliance (or leave yourself).
Disable your garrison units at your entrance building and then let them hit you with T1 or T2 carriers.


Thanks for your answer.
This game has a very close resemblence to “Vikings: War of Clans” game which I used play years ago, with a few differences here and there. While sending rss was difficult and taxing in Vikings, it was still functional with some patience for f2w players. However, in this game, the Herder class is virtually useless, why have it at all if it’s completely crippled? Weird game design choice imo.

Herder is good for warzone points.
Herder gets up to 100% extra points for some things, depending on level of course too. but that 100% is additive, so in reality it’s much lower because you already have like +400% from evolution/ raspberry.
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