[The Ants] August 14 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
07:00–07:30 on August 14, 2023 (UTC)


  1. Added a tired state to the wonders at the initial place of the season: After the specified milestone ends, the stationed troops difficulty will decrease. (It will take effect immediately after the update)


  1. Optimized the wild creature refresh logic in the wild map when auto-hunt
  2. Optimized the [Quick Raid] function in the underground maze: using the [Quick Raid] function can be included in the task progress of [Daily Tasks] - [Underground Labyrinth - Challenge Creatures]
  3. Optimized the display text in the list of special ants in the underground maze


  1. Fixed the problem that the resource pop-up window would stuck when tapping the resource button at the top of the main interface under certain circumstances
  2. Fixed the problem that the experience of the alliance gift did not increase in time after tapping the alliance gift to receive the alliance gift
  3. Season mode fixes:
    ①Fixed the display problem of the error pop-up window to the ruler who has quit the season early ends that a shield is on during the settlement period in the game interface when the season naturally ends.
    ②Fixed the problem that it was abnormally displayed that towers could be placed within the territories of other alliances of the same camp under specific coordinates
    ③Fixed the problem that the notification text of the season soldier ants unlocking in the season soldier ants habitat in the lost island season of some servers was wrong
    ④Fixed the problem that under certain circumstances, the ruler who was demoted to R0 would appear in the list of R1 by mistake and could not be promoted
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