[The Ants] April 15 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
07:00–08:00 on April 15, 2024 (UTC)


  1. Adjusted the alliance task requirements in the “Force of Nature/Force of Tides/Force of Desert/Force of Life” series events: “Alliance Help” has been changed to “Claim alliance gifts or offer alliance help times” (the times of claiming alliance gifts will only be counted after the update).
  2. Adjusted the Personal Ranking rules in the Rescue Aphids event: Rankings will now prioritize based on the players’ highest level of predator challenges. Within the same challenge level, rankings will be determined by the number of predators defeated at that level, with a higher number of defeats resulting in a higher ranking.
  3. Regular Season Optimizations:
    ① Optimized the redirection logic for building alliance tower when under Camp Protection during the season.
    ② Added a countdown display for unlocking unopened milestones in the season milestones
    ③ Optimized the interface display of “Anthill Buff - Season Zone- March Speedup” for all seasons.
    ④ Optimized the marking color of the Bear Domain and the display color of ruins in the Vast Jungle Season.
  4. Optimizations for the new batch of Vast Jungle Season (These adjustments only apply to batches starting the Vast Jungle Season sign-up period on or after April 8, 2024)
    ① Added Camp environmental zones in the Vast Jungle Season.
    ② The Golden Acorn Camp occupies the Ferries connecting to the Land of Clash and the Land of Abundance at the start of the Vast Jungle Season.
    ③ Adjusted some milestones in the Vast Jungle Season.
  5. Optimized the guidance prompt effect for deploying insect in the Formation Settings.
  6. Optimized the display of the [VIP - Use VIP Points] interface; a new display of the ruler’s current diamond balance has been added to the top right corner of the interface.
  7. Optimized the artistic presentation of certain interfaces.


  1. Fixed the issue that the effect of some insect talent bonuses was not working properly.
  2. Fixed the issue that the message bubble was still displayed on the Evolution Meteorite after you clicked on it to dispatch Special Ants.
  3. Fixed the issue that the text for quit the season vote in the Vast Jungle season displayed abnormally.
  4. Fixed the issue that during the settlement period of the Vast Jungle season, the Season Saving entrance disappeared and the text in the Champion Points Ranking Rewards interface was displayed abnormally.

Note: The above content is for reference only. Please refer to the actual in-game experience and email announcement

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