[The Ants] April 1 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

:alarm_clock:[Update Time]
07:00–08:00 on April 1, 2024 (UTC)

:page_facing_up:[New Contents]

  1. Added “Campsite” category to the secondary map “Preview” of the Barren Land and the Vast Jungle.


  1. R5 and R4 members can now dismiss Camp/Alliance members’ Temporary Habitat in their alliance territory during the season.
  2. When rallying lizards, geckos, theme event creatures, or any rally creatures, the NPC now joins immediately upon rally initiation, and NPC troops do not occupy rally troop slots.
  3. Supplying for Feeding Ground and Leafcutters no longer occupy Worker Ant Queues.
  4. Adjusted time required for Primary Leadership evolution (applies only to evolutions initiated after the update).
  5. Adjusted the display order of the theme event Insect Remains and Baits, they will be displayed at the front positions in the Other list of the Inventory.
  6. Improved some art and text descriptions.


  1. Fixed the issue that the other buffs of attack bonuses in troop attributes were displayed abnormally in the battle report.
  2. Fixed the issue that under specific circumstances, it was possible to attack wild creatures of abnormal levels on the normal map.
  3. Fixed the issue that bonuses displayed abnormally when rallying attacks against Groundhog and Pangolin in the Vast Jungle.
  4. Fixed the issue that temporary habitats within enemy territory in the Vast Jungle couldn’t be attacked.

:fire:The above information is for reference only. Please refer to the actual game announcement or experience for accurate details.