The Ant Comic of The Ants (May 10, 2023)

Is it a spider or an ant? Imagine if you could answer this question correctly before you were exposed to The Ants? Leave your answer in the comments under the post!


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The answer is : ant
Because of their legs shape are different

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:rofl: I still have a hard time telling if it’s an ant. His father or mother must have been spiders

Spider Ant :smile:

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He was made in a lab to be a super soldier for ant colonies. You see, one day a spider invaded and damaged the colony, so the scientist-bob- decided to create something to fight off the spiders! After months of failures-banshee velvet for example- this guy was born!
Even though he looks a bit different his colony loves him. He grew bigger and stronger and protected the carrier ants especially…I think this might be cause his wife is a carrier ant but I don’t for sure.
That human needs to shoo so he can get home to supper…his wife waiting on him.

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