The Ant Class II

Today we would like to introduce an exceptionally fierce ant to you: Bullet Ant. This ant is about 3 cm long, which is 5 times larger than the average ant. You can view it as a ““little giant”” of ants. It not only has sharp serrated teeth, but its tail also conceals toxins, when this toxin enters the human’s body, the human may experience a rapid heartbeat and breathing difficulties. Therefore, you can see how aggressive it is. How about the Bullet Ant in the game? If it were you, where do you think it would rank in your troops? How far has your Bullet Ant developed? Share your thoughts in the comments!
Instagram Event Link: TheAnts(Official) on Instagram: "The Ant Class II Today we would like to introduce an exceptionally fierce ant to you: Bullet Ant. This ant is about 3 cm long, which is 5 times larger than the average ant. You can view it as a ""little giant"" of ants. It not only has sharp serrated teeth, but its tail also conceals toxins, when this toxin enters the human's body, the human may experience a rapid heartbeat and breathing difficulties. Therefore, you can see how aggressive it is. How about the Bullet Ant in the game? If it were you, where do you think it would rank in your troops? How far has your Bullet Ant developed? Share your thoughts in the comments! How to participate? 1.Follow our Instagram Page 2.Like and leave comment under this post.Remember leave your in-game ID and server number.  All players who participate this contest with qualified entries will win WetSoil*30k, Meat*30k, Plant*30k and 15-min Speedup*2 for FREE  And we will deliver the 🎁reward within 7 working days after event deadline:2022.10.05 23:59:59 (UTC). #ant #insects #nature #strategygames #simulationgame #game #theantsundergroundkingdom #TheAnts #antcolony #animals"
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All players who participate this contest with qualified entries will win WetSoil30k, Meat30k, Plant30k and 15-min Speedup2 for FREE

And we will deliver the reward within 7 working days after event deadline:2022.10.05 23:59:59 (UTC).