The 1st Music Contest of The Ants: Underground Kingdom (Call for Submissions)

Produced by LORE TEAM (part of MOD team), the 1st English theme song "War of Kings"for the Season is now released. We believe that many Rulers will love this beautiful song.

On this special occasion, Jerry comes up with a great idea to have a Music Contest and let this song be heard around the Ant Kingdom. Participate in the contest now for a chance to win Community Exclusive Chests and 7-day Community Exclusive Avatar Frame!

Deadline for submissions: August 9, 2022 (23:59:59, UTC+0)

Deadline for selection of the 1st - 3rd Prize: August 24, 2022 (23:59:59, UTC+0)

Event Rewards:

Participation Prize: If you provide qualified submission according to the event rules, you will win 5 Community Exclusive Chests.

Finalist Prize: If your submission is officially selected to enter the final contest, you will win 20 Community Exclusive Chests + 7-day Community Exclusive Avatar Frame.

Face Prize: If your submission is successfully selected and your face is displayed throughout your submission, you will win additional 20 Community Exclusive Chests.

3rd Prize: If your submission is officially selected as the 3rd Prize, you will win 10 additional Community Exclusive Chests.

2nd Prize: If your submission is officially selected as the 2nd Prize, you will win 20 additional Community Exclusive Chests.

1st Prize: If your submission is officially selected as the 1st Prize, you will win 30 additional Community Exclusive Chests.

Event Procedure:

  1. Make a piece of music according to the reference materials(lyrics, accompaniment music, video) we provide(→

  2. If you are not satisfied with our reference materials, you can modify them according to your own ideas and make a derivative work.

  3. Once you have finished your work, post it on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok and add Hashtag: #theants, #minilifesong and the download link:

  4. We also encourage Rulers of different languages and races to diversify the reference materials according to their characteristics. In other words, you can create your song in Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Czech, etc.

  5. After your work is released, please make sure to fill out the questionnaire(→ let us know.

  6. After the deadline for submissions, all finalists will be announced.

  7. Rulers can leave likes and comments on the finalists’ works.

  8. We will select the 3rd Prize, 2nd Prize and 1st Prize according to the number of likes and the overall quality of the works before the deadline for 1st - 3rd Prize selection.

  9. All rewards will be sent within 15 workdays after the deadline for selection of the 1st - 3rd Prize.


  1. When you submit your work, you are granting The Ants the right to use and adapt your work in any way, including but not limited to the free use of your work in the game, our official website and social media, and other publicity means.

  2. When submitting your work, you need to ensure that your work is free of infringement issues. If the work involves infringement, the disputes brought by it will be your own responsibility.

  3. To ensure the fairness of the event, we will reserve the right to deal with plagiarism or any cheating behavior. For serious cases, we will disqualify their participation in the event.

  4. Participants will agree to abide by the above rules by default. The Ants will reserve the right of final interpretation of this event, the rules, and rewards.

  5. The submitted works shall not be deleted within 3 months after the end of the event. Otherwise, the submitted works will be regarded as invalid, and we have the right to deduct the equal value of in-game items as punishment.

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