Sundays SVS Server Crossover Event

I have asked on f/b and not really received a convincing answer.

The question is, does killing bugs and/or doing rallies on Lizards, Snakes, Crabs etc, on your own server, give points to the other server when the day of svs is on?

Someone in our alliance has said a dev informed them it does, so now it is becoming a rule to not do rallies or kill bugs on own sever during svs, anyone have a definate answer and also the reasons why?

Many thanks Ant friends :slight_smile:

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Realmente no tengo idea pero de ser verdad ayudaría bastante.

I use to hunt bugs, do lizards etc, in opponent server between gathering not to waste stamina and i don’t get points in SvS doing that.

It’s kind of ilogical to lose points in own teritory but not gain points in enemy teritory.

As i know rallying Lizards Snakes and crabs does not contribute to any svs point. Lizards give u personal rewards and snakes and crabs is for ur personal dessert event. Killing insects do contribute to ur svs point on stregthening special ants day but to your own server. On sunday KE day gathering on your server will not gain you svs points. You will need to teleport to enemy server to gather. Hitting enemy tiles that gather on your server gain you points.