Suggestions for anthill visiting/qol improvement

I cant find any suggestion catagory so im leaving it here.
-let us see the building levels when visiting anthill atleast when its alliance member -


For right now the only way for an in game suggestion to be submitted is via the ants official discord.

I do have a question to this though: How would you avoid spies using it as a way to target the weaker, especially in the newer servers?

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O cuidado contra espião deve ser bem minucioso…

Montar uma equipe em que todos estejam em busca de um mesmo objetivo Ă© difĂ­cil, mas nĂŁo impossĂ­vel.

Sempre ter cuidado com troca e vendas de contas é o mais recomendado. Vale lembrar que, ao aceitar estranhos em sua aliança, o perigo aumenta exponencialmente. Manter esse cuidado e analisar com antecedencia que está aceitando também é uma boa maneira de se precaver contra de espiões.

Com esses cuidados, nunca tive espiões em minha aliança.

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for resources loot we get so little from attacking too low level players and for killing troops we can Just unassigned garrison. plus the cultivator helps protecting some resources . my account is 60+days old lvl 22 ant hill(f2p) i didn’t have any issues with bigger players. Also i find the server placement for new players very friendly except migrating players.

If we could see building level we can suggest our alliance member which building to prioritise. just like showing battle log to teammates and better player suggesting "its not good ants go for this ants instead ".

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You have a very unique Solution Luke. I totally understand why you would want to be able to see levels of buildings when you’re mentoring someone. It definitely makes things easier, especially because there are so many buildings.

Something that might be helpful for you, and this is me speaking from personal experience within my own alliance, is discord.

We use discord to mentor and strategize so much. We have separate channels for different topics much like the forum here. Using discord allows members to upload screenshots of their hill so we can help each other out with what to upgrade next based on individual goals as well as our overall alliance goals.

If you’re not a fan of discord, members can also screenshot their hills, turn them into a url link using outside imaging sites, and then they can send that url through in game mail. As long as they send the link alone, you’ll be able to copy and paste it to your browser and take a look.

Hope this helps you out with your mentoring :slight_smile:



I like your reasoning on this. Definitely suggesting you go to the official discord and submit a world suggestion. Provide valid reasoning like this and it may be something the devs like.