[Suggestion] NO EXPIRATION for the p2w event Tokens

Hi everybody!

This is a suggestion that could increase the economy for the game. This could make small spenders, like me, or even active f2p have the opportunity to get “p2w” stuff (like the p2w insects, skins, p2w ants, etc).

Making the tokens gettable from these events NO EXPIRATION, making them able to be saved for the next event over the time.

For example:

  • Free players could work on saving 6000 tokens to get 1 p2w insect or special ant.
  • Low spenders could invest their money on getting some packs to get more tokens in less time than a f2p.

This will extend the option on more players that doesn’t have 300~500 dollars on getting the enough tokens to maybe get the stuff at the first time. They maybe get that in 2 events (when they are available again) investing half and half the money it could be invested.

It’s just a suggestion. This won’t be a lose for the game in my opinion.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for my bad English.


This sounds great! However while it would still be good, it would still take around 10-12 events to save that much… I personally think that they would need to buff the events in general because even with that they would be super p2w. But it sounds like a good idea, just needs some other fixes to go along with it. :wink: