stationing ants level up

Hey all, is there any use gaining levels for stationing ants after all the skills have been unlocked? Does it have any effect?

Evening @Heliodor22

There are some skills of those ants that depend on their level.
It always depends on which ant you currently have stationed and which skills are unlocked.
On their own, the ants level themselves up if you play actively.

Another trick is that you level them up a bit first, before you station them.
This way you give them a boost at the start and are a bit further along.

If you click on the special ants and their individual skills, you see which ones need a higher level and which one you can just leave on the side.

Need level-up

Urchin Ant - Carrier
Flat Shield - Guardian
Acid Ant - Shooter
Thorn Ant - Ladybug
Strobe Ant - Carrier
Bright Blue Ant - Shooter
Red Spider - Ladybug
Texas Turtle - Guardian
Dinosaur Ant - Ladybug


Thanks for the reply. Had a look at those ants skills that require leveling up as mentioned and saw those skills that would have an effect with higher level.

Do ants with the gather skills only have an effect when stationed? Do they gather more resource of their skill specialty when out gathering with a troop? Eg. Strober/Muscleman

Im wondering if they are best used when being stationed only (as you can’t unstation them after that)