Spring Outdoors: Capture Spring and Cherish it

Spring Outdoors: Capture Spring and Cherish it

Spring is here, Time of taking a photo to record the beauty of spring and keep your memories of spring. And summer rewards are waiting for you!


Participation Prize: 30k Wet Soil, 30k Meat, 30k Plants, 1 min Speedups x30

Lucky Prize: 30k Sand, 80k Honeydew, 80k Wet Soil, 1 min Speedups x45

⏰Deadline: April 5 (23:59:59, UTC+0)


Leave a comment in the topic under the same post of our official Instagram, Facebook page or Discord, sharing your spring observations via a photo and attach your game ID! Rewards will be sent via email within 15 business days after the event deadline.

📌📌This event is organized by the Event Team, whose members are all players and only represent their own views. The official team is not responsible for any disputes arising from this event.

The Event Team

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