Special Ants Advice on Set Up in our Forum community

Hello Everyone, as you can see we barely know what specials what we use for PvP, groundhog, pangolin etc., as we have new players inside the game which didn’t know what should they really want to use to strengthen there Units and troops. Share us your thoughts of what’s special ants did you use and tell us something good on it. Your replies and comments are highly appreciated by us and in our community.


Me personally for ground hog I am using 1 of 2 set ups, either GT, JJ, CF or BV, JJ, CF with an all shooter soldier ant. The same is done for the shooter pangolin day. For the carrier pangolin i use CF, JJ and Shik. I am curious to see what others are using.


I am Carrier Main

I use GA Shikaree and JJ for GH and Pangolin ( Carrier) Substitute GA for CF for consistency.


I am a shooter main.
I use GA, JJ, Reap on shooter days.
I use Rock bandit, Ga sometimes GT, and JJ on gaurdian days.
I use SA, GA, and Shik on carrier days.

this is most likely not an ideal set up but seems to work for me.