Special Ant Special Mutation

I wanted to touch base on a new feature in game. It allows for the mutation of an orange combat ants. The purpose of this is to add a combative edge to your march.
You can see the mutate feature here.

You can unlock more skills based on the number of combat ants you own. The one I chose to screen shot will give it’s squad a defense bonus.

In these screen shots you can see once unlocked a skill it gives you two options. If you choose mutate you will have to select the ant of choice. To upgrade it requires spores. You can redeem daily spores by redeeming ant shells in the same building and by completing svs.

Please note here that this will not influence special duels.

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Aditional info i found out today.

  • You can only have one mutation on one ant at a time.

  • The mutation is not lost when put on an ant. You can remove whenever you want and put it on another orange ant.

  • The ants must be in the anthill to be mutated.

  • And the mutations affect not only the orange ant mutated but the entire squad the ant is in.

P.S. Yet another reason to rush to Q25. I got my Q25 today just in time for the update.



When going from level 4 to 5 on the mutation, you will notice upgrades start taking additional materials.

I found in the news updates on discord where supreme spores will be added to the vip store, allowing f2p community to mutate as well.
Here is a link to

Excerpt from channel

I found out that you need an Orange shell to upgrate a mutation from level 4 to level 5. You can not substitute that with a spare orange ant.

My question.

Are there other options to get orange shells besides the usual Orange shell fragments.

Unfortunately it seems you are correct presently.

I have shells but can only use a generic orange shell.

I asked lumi about orange ant fragments. This is his reply.
“There are events where fragments or whole shells are rewards. And then packages for sale. One of the better places for folks to get orange fragments is if they rush the top spots in the Duels, right when they open and immediately after reset until they get to the top 10. Once the top 10 is established, it’s pretty difficult for most to break into it”

Trainee xolo added that butchering an ant with unlocked skills will give generic shells back as well.

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