Soup Series - A Letter to Ree

A Letter to Ree

To my dearest, Ree,

As I sit amidst the bustling tunnels of our anthill, my thoughts drift to you, my beloved.
From the moment our paths crossed in the dappled sunlight under the Tree of Abundance; I knew my life would never be the same.

The resilience and determination you displayed during War of Kings, matched only by the twinkle in your eyes, captured my heart from the very beginning. In a world filled with countless distractions and duties, you have always been the King of my heart.

Every moment spent by your side feels like a treasure, each shared glance a testament to the depth of our connection. Whether we’re hunting geckos or simply gathering wet soil and sand, every second with you is a moment of pure bliss.

My darling Ree, you are the glimmery leaf that illuminates my darkest days, the elusive Golden Crystal that keeps my soul longing. With each passing moment, my love for you grows stronger and more profound.

From the heights of the Glory Duel arena to the deepest depths of mine 8; you will always have me captivated in the most foolish way.

Always and forever,
Soup xoxo