Someone give me motivation to continue with please.

I have been attached for more than two hundred days. and I opened a lot of eggs. but look, I still don’t have a professional ant. This game is probably not suitable for me. i think i should stop :sob:

Need a lot of patience to play with the game

Patience grants abundance

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And wealthy


Keep Calm and be patient

I have playing ants since two years and a half…
I don’t have all ants but I have the important ones and I keep all ants I get

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i had JJ six star final blue. but I still haven’t won any battles against the free and starless expert ants

I’m really disappointed today

JJ for pvp not bad and not that high expectations

Don’t give up cause nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but persistence, patience, and dedication will fulfill a sense of accomplishment in the end. In the words of Walt Disney, “Keep Moving Forward.”


This game is like a lottery, some have a lot of luck and get their ants right away, others have to be a bit patient, till it’s their lucky day.
I’d recommend that you save up some golden eggs, till another 10 for 9 event starts. You have a better drop change in those events and when you have a LOT saved up, then there are also rare drops in there. <3