soldier capacity depend on ant

Please someone explain why:
Reap Master dominance skill lvl 10 have soldier capacity 18100(+specjal ant lvl100) and my ant got lvl 41 and total soldiers are 39200
Arched Giant dominance skill lvl 10 have soldier capacity 10850(+specjal ant lvl
100) and my ant got lvl 38 and total soldiers are 53625

shouldnt be other way around ?
why Reap Master for less soldiers?


In orange ants, the first and sixth skills increase the number of soldiers. The first skill is automatically activated, but for the sixth skill, you need the shell of that ant. You can increase the level of these two skills.

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Maybe you got colony leader for only the Arched Giant (6th skill), but not for Reap Master.

Evening @Przemek

As Parham and Alpha_Centauri787 already said.
With the orange/golden ants, you can influence the amount of soldiers through skills I and VI.
If you don’t have a lot of options in special ants yet, I’d recommend that you always play with the golden ants, that you have skills I and VI unlocked and leveled up to 10. Those will bring you further than all other options.
If your insect doesn’t have the Level-Up feature unlocked yet, the maximum amount of soldiers as follows:

Special Ants Level Dominanz III Colony Leader 1 Ant 3 Ants
50 10 0 50’600 151’800
50 10 10 108’350 325’050