SOH - Blitzkrieg, Server 566, Vast Jungle - Batch 1, SL 19

Cross Server Convocation opened this week for the events, and SOH took full advantage! During the last event, SOH got very close with one of our camp allies, TVK, and before the event ended we were invited to go to their server. This was no easy task.

At the time the cross opened, SOH had around 70 members to bring to the new server. With the help of TVK, we were able to bring our initial 30 members from 590 to 566. We then opened an additional cross using TVK’s farm alliance. Once we had enough members crossed into the new server, SOH was able to open our own cross and bring our remaining members, as well as new and returning members from other servers. TVK made the migration process very painless, and although stressful, we were able to get everyone across to our new home.

The rules on our new server are very different from other servers we came from. On 566, there are no purge days and the server works on a NAP basis. This is a huge adjustment for many of my members, as on 590 we had 2 purge days. 566 is also a very active server with many alliances. On 590, we only had 2 large alliances that’s shared the server.

Once SOH got everyone across, we signed up for the Vast Jungle event. We have done some recruiting and gained a lot of members and power for the new event. SOH now has the second highest alliance power ranking and alliance kill ranking on the new server. We hope that this will translate to a successful experience in Vast Jungle. SOH now stands at 88 members at the time of writing this post.

Over the coming days, we will be adjusting our ranks. We have a lot of new and returning members, and we need to be fair when selecting our R3 candidates. Leadership is now voting for the best candidates to fill those spots before the event. Leadership is also voting on the best preferred starting zone on the new map.

As always, SOH will be farming healing speedups for the next event. We are waiting on the details of how it’s done on such an active server with other large alliances. We will also be farming as many resources as possible before we leave.

SOH has grown significantly in power and active members since our last event. We are looking forward to seeing who our allies will be this time. We just hope that whoever they are, we will have as good of a connection and communication as we had with TVK and RoP last event. Long live SOH!


The last week has been very stressful for SOH. We finally have all of our members on the new server of 566, along with most of our farm accounts. The alliance now stands at 89 members.

Over the last week, SOH leadership analyzed different metrics from the last event, as well as activity levels of our members in an effort to choose the 30 R3 positions. We had a vote that lasted 2 days to choose the candidates. We will be constantly monitoring member activity and metrics of our R3 team throughout the event. Before every event, leadership will reevaluate these positions and make adjustments as needed to benefit the alliance.

On the server, 566 runs on a rotating NAP based on Warzone participation. Once SOH arrived, another alliance, TBC, wanted to change this to a top 4 permanent NAP. This would include TBC, SOH, TVK, and TRA, leaving all other alliances on the server unprotected from the NAP. The idea was to give more anthills to farm for resources for the top alliances. This decision was pushed through by TBC and TRA with a 2/4 vote. Although the new NAP has taken effect, SOH and TVK have decided to stand united and keep the old NAP for both of our alliances.

Matchmaking has begun for the new Vast Jungle event. SOH has chosen Snowy Cedar Camp for our preferred starting zone. The decision was in part of the fact we rushed very fast into the new event from our last Barren Land, and many of our members were low on resources at the end of that event. Although it will be hard to work and coordinate with 5 other alliances, we believe this will be the best choice to learn and test the new event.

Over the next week, SOH will be farming resources and speedups to prepare for Vast Jungle. We have over 20 new members and gained a lot of power since our last event. We hope that this will translate to better battles and a more active member base. Everyone is excited to leave; now it’s just a waiting game…


The matchmaking period has ended, and SOH now knows who our allies and enemies will be for the Vast Jungle event. Although there were 11 spots for alliances, the system only paired 7 for the event. It will be a 4 vs 3 battle.

SOH already knows one of our allies, RGA, from a previous Barren Land event. We worked very well with them in the past and we’re excited to be paired with them again for this event. Our other allies will be JRR and MtM. The enemy alliances will be LuN, HMB, and DIN.

Snowy Cedar Camp has already started a new discord channel to help the four alliances prepare for the event. Over the coming days, we will select a camp leader, starting positions, and our camp’s protection time. As with past events, SOH is hoping the protection time will be 8-16UTC, as this is our least active time as an alliance. We do not have a preferred starting position at this time, but we will be analyzing the different zones to choose our best chance.

Over the next 4 days of the selection period, SOH will be farming more healing speedups for the event and getting some last minute resources to bring our depots full. We want to be fully prepared for the 38 day competition period. We will continue to communicate with the other alliances in our camp to get to know them and hopefully build strong relationships that will help to win the event.

While the event is new for everyone, all the alliances and members are excited to learn and experience Vast Jungle. SOH hopes we can use the momentum from our previous two event wins to make it a third. There is still a lot of work to be done over the next few days, but we will be ready once we are transported to Vast Jungle!


All the alliances have entered Vast Jungle and have started to build in their initial zones. Snowy Cedar Camp has selected the leader of MtM as our camp leader. The protection time for both camps is 8 to 16UTC. This will have both advantages and disadvantages for our event.

Having a 16 hour fighting window will allow maximum building and movement for all the alliances, but it will also bring a lot of wear to everyone. So far, we have taken full advantage of being able to build. All the alliances have started to take buildings for buffs and plan for the movements into the enemy zones.

SOH will be directly paired with LuN in the south west, which seems to be the strongest alliance by far. Both MtM and RGA will be directly fighting DIN in the nothern zones. JRR will be fighting HMB in the Southern eastern zone.

This is how all the alliances are doing so far:

The initial plan is to continue taking as many buildings as possible to get buffs before the tunnels open in 5 days. Our camp will then build to both the enemy tunnels and the tunnels connecting to the open neutral zones next to our territories in case the enemies try to run. We will then start a coordinated attack trying to enter the enemy zones to keep them busy. We are hoping the that 2vs1 advantage we have in the north will allow MtM and RGA to break through DIN and help our camp to get into the enemy zone.

In Vast Jungle, the fighting in the event starts a lot sooner than Barren Land. It will be a long battle to try and break through to the tree zone. We are hoping that the early start to the fighting will give our camp the advantage of keeping the enemy from getting stronger. We realize that they already have an advantage with buffs, but we think that starting the fight as soon as the tunnels open will prevent them from being too strong to break through later.

The communication between SOH, RGA, MtM and JRR seems to be good so far. We are using the shared discord to plan and get opinions from all the alliances. This event is new to everyone and it will take full cooperation of all the allies to win. It is a learning experience for everyone, but we are excited try our luck in Vast Jungle!


The first battles have begun on our Vast Jungle event! All the alliances have started to fight across the entire map, and the enemy buff advantage is starting to be felt by Snowy Cedar Camp. All the tunnels to the enemy zones have been taken starting when the bonuses first dropped.

The original plan was for the 4 allied alliances to build into the neighboring zones to try and get more buffs and secure the neutral wonders. While building, we would also be fighting the enemy in their home zone as a distraction while the MtM and RGA try to double team DIN and break through. This strategy proved to be too difficult, because of the enemy buffs.

In the south, SOH was pushed back by LuN from the south wonder. They have proved to be too strong, especially with the extra buffs. DIN has started to build into the western zone that MtM started into. RGA has started building into the northern Area 51 zone to get more buffs for the camp. In the south east, both JRR and HMB have started building to the wonder.

The new strategy is for the allies to team up into specific zones to fight 2 vs 1 against the enemy. We think this is the best strategy as to not lose all the open zones. We feel that we have a disadvantage with the way the fairy selected the teams. Our Vast Jungle was not filled and left our teams as 4 vs 3 in an event that was supposed to be much larger for our camp. SOH will move into the zone above us to assist MtMwith DIN. RGA will continue going in the northern Area 51 zone. JLL will start building to the far east zone that is out of the enemy reach.

Over the coming days, Snowy Cedar Camp will work together to try and secure what we can in the open zones while constantly battling a strong enemy camp. We hope that getting more buffs will allow us to compete later in the event. Now it is just a waiting game to see if we can collect enough buildings and buffs to be able to compete

More updates to come!


We are in our third week in Vast Jungle. Snowy Cedar Camp is struggling to stay alive. The enemy buffs are way too strong to be able to compete in a 4 vs 3 gameplay. My camp has had no luck trying to break through the enemy lines and into the middle zones on the map.

The new strategy is to always work together in at least 2 vs 1 battles to try and push the enemy together. We have used our tower transfers and begun to focus mainly on one zone in the north western part of the map under MtM. In the 2 southern zones, the enemy proved to be too strong with their buffs for 1 vs 1 combat. HMB was able to push JRR out of the south eastern zone, and LuN was able to do the same with SOH in the south western zone. In the northern Area 51, RGA has had no resistance from DIN; however, they continue to build every day and it’s only a matter of time until the war will start there too.

There is still a lot of event left, but with the extra buffs of the Golden Acorn Camp, it will be very hard for our alliances to gain enough buffs to break into the Tree Zone. The best strategy now is to continue to work together and fight the enemy camp with multiple alliances at once. For now, we will continue to focus all of our energy on the zone that all 4 allies are in, and the Area 51 zone that RGA has taken uncontested so far.

SOH has also done a tower transfer to JLL in our home zone. In the coming days, we will try to push together against LuN to try and break into and reclaim the south western zone. LuN has proven to be the hardest enemy alliance in the event, and we will need all the help we can get to push them back.

While this event has been a matchmaking disaster on the part of the fairy, we are using it as a learning experience for the next events to come. We are giving our all, and will continue to do so until the end of the event. Working together is the best chance we have, and so far Snowy Cedar Camp has done an excellent job of using teamwork to plan and communicate. We just hope that in the coming weeks, the course of battle will change in our favor.

More updates to come…


There are 2 weeks left for the competition period in our Vast Jungle event, and not much progress is being made of breaking into the enemy Clash zones. The buffs for the enemy camp prove to be too much even for 4 alliances to compete with. Our focus remains on holding the wonders we have in the open clash zones while pushing the enemy back.

There have been constant battles in the northern Area 51 clash, as well as the North Western clash zone where Snowy Cedar Camp holds the wonders. SOH and JRR have mainly been battling with DIN in the North Western zone. SOH and DIN have been going back and forth with the lairs and residences. All the alliances have tried to focus mainly on DIN for the purpose of pushing them back, wearing them out, and trying to eliminate them from this zone.

In the Northern Area 51 zone, RGA and MtM have been battling with LuN, DIN, and HMB trying to keep our wonder from being taken. So far, they have been able to hold back the enemy camp in constant battle. The pressure on DIN over the last week has seemed to help, as they have been too low on fungi to be able to make a huge push.

The main focus of our camp now is to continue to keep pressure on DIN while fighting HMB and LuN where needed. Keeping one alliance worn down seems to help in the overall war, as the enemy buffs are too much when all 3 alliances are full on fungi. We don’t believe it will be possible to break into the enemy clash zones, so our focus will be to continue fighting in the outter zones while taking more buildings and holding the wonders.

This event has been very hard on our camp, because of the matchmaking and enemy buffs. We hope that the devs will see the disadvantages against the Snowy Cedar Camp and make adjustments before the next event starts. As for now, SOH doesn’t know which event will be next, because of the huge disappointment for the new Vast Jungle event. We will continue our efforts until the end, but at this point winning seems impossible for the color blue.

More updates to come…


There are 6 days left of the competition period in our Vast Jungle event. No progress has been made for Snowy Cedar Camp as far as entering into the enemy clash zones. The buffs are just too high, even working together. The focus has been to hold the open wonders we have in other zones, and try to keep the enemy back.

In the northeast Bear area, all the alliances have fought to keep the enemy faction at bay and away from the wonder. SOH has pushed DIN back to the east in that zone, eliminating their towers from some of our buildings in the west. The original plan was for all the alliances to push the enemy back to the gates and try to enter the zone together; however, this has proven to be too hard given the buffs the enemy team has.

In the Southeast Violet Gorge zone, HMB and LuN have eliminated JRR and MtM from the area. After many days of intense battles there, they have been pushed out and back to the starting gates in that zone. RGA built to assist, but it seems it is too late to make any substantial gains in this area.

In the northern Area 51 zone, MtM and RGA have been able to keep DIN, HMB, and LuN from making any significant progress towards the Squirrel Wonder. The enemy continues to push in this zone daily, but distractions on other places on the map seem to have helped to keep them from making a huge push there.

After multiple attempts and breaking into the Juniper Cliff zone twice by SOH, we were unable to progress in the zone against LuN. This zone is all but lost.

At this point, the event seems over for Snowy Cedar Camp. We will not be able to make it into the enemy clash zones, or the tree zone for that matter. The enemy buffs of Golden Acorn Camp have proven to be a huge challenge in a half empty event. Our focus now is to try and have some fun and keep the morale of our alliances afloat after a demoralizing event for blue team. We will continue to fight to hold our ground, but it will mainly be for competition points and fun. We really hope there will be some changes to the matchmaking for the Vast Jungle event, or most alliances will opt for Barren Land or Lost Island for their future endeavors.


Please note that I was unable to take any pictures from this past week due to a medical issue. Thank you for your understanding!

Vast Jungle has come to end end. The last week was very uneventful for Snowy Cedar Camp. There were a few battles in different places on the map, but it was more for fun than for strategy.

In the northern Area 51 zone, DIN and LuN were able to build to the wonder and push out RGA and MtM. Unfortunately, they were able to capture the wonder in that zone. On the bright side, the wonder in the western Bear zone was held by my camp with little enemy resistance this past week.

SOH made a couple pushes to try and enter both the southern zone and to get close to the enemy tunnel in the western Bear zone. While we made a valiant effort in the southern zone, we were pushed out by LuN after hours of battle.

All the alliances tried to make the most of the last week of the event by trying to raise our kills and enjoying our last days. While the enemy buffs proved too much with the matchmaking that we were given, we made a great effort. The cooperation and communication of our allies was amazing, even if we weren’t able to break through into the enemy territory.

JLL, MtM, RGA, and SOH made a great team this event. We are thankful to have nice and respectful allies this time. Now that the event is over, we are looking forward to getting back to the server and open our rewards. We are in the process of deciding, but we think we will try our luck again at Vast Jungle next event. We are hopeful that the devs will make the necessary changes to the event to make it more fair for both teams. SOH has big plans for our future that I will reveal in my next post.

Until next time…this is Blitzkrieg signing off…