Share your bunny ear selfies to mark Easter!

Jerry helped recover Anty’s lost phone, which was picked up by a rabbit. While going through the photo album, Anty stumbled upon some funny bunny ear selfies. As the whole ant kingdom is celebrating the Easter, Anty would like to see more such interesting selfies! Can you help her make this happen? Will you use bunny ear filters to take some selfies now! Join in the Easter celebration with your own bunny ear selfies now!

Participation Prize: 30k Wet Soil, 30k Meat, 30k Plants, 1 min Speedups30
Lucky Prize: 30k Sand, 80k Honeydew, 80k Wet Soil, 1 min Speedups
45, Exclusive Community Chest*1

Deadline: April 19 (23:59:59, UTC+0)

Use third-party apps like Snapchat, Line and Instagram to take some bunny ear selfies and share them in the comment section of the topic with your game ID attached! Rewards will be sent via email within 15 business days after the event deadline.

This event is organized by the Event Team, whose members are all players and only represent their own views. The official team is not responsible for any disputes arising from this event.

The Event Team