Server Rules

Who determines the “rules” for each server?

For example, it is illegal to attack any alliance member in NAP, but they can attack and zero out any non-NAP player

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Hello @AlwaysNic

The Ants kingdom does not actually provide such a service. These rules are just rules given by players for the purpose of improving the servers.

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Ok, I thought this was the case, Thank you.

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Hey @AlwaysNic

Although whoever is king makes the rules it does not mean you need to play by them, you can always go rogue “pirate” and fight the power :muscle: it all depends the type of player you are and what you enjoy in the game, for example on my old server I did not agree with NAP.

So, I started a revolution and united the small alliances, we eventually forced the top alliances to change the rules. I became the hero to some and the villain to others but it created a good plot for the server :slight_smile:

The good thing about this game is you get to create your own story, so what will yours be :wink:

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