Server 974 Rogue Alliance Recruiting AoW

Server 974 ( AoW ) Art of War Is Recruiting! Best Rogue Alliance of the Server! Grow and Prosper Together as a Family! Where your Voice is heard and taken in consideration in every decision! And with no Silly NAP Restrictions! Attack or be Attacked , Which side will you be on?

Vous recruté de nouveau joueur ?

This question may sound a lil wierd, but by your name are you peeps the same AoW from WestGame. If so, is the chancellor from WestGame “BlackGirl” with you again? If so, State 33 DisneyLand Chancellor says hi and good to see y’all again. Keep rocking your game.

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do you want to join

I actually would to join you guys except I’m not in your state, and a newer state at that so I know I am nowhere near your level. Plus remembering you guys in WestGame I would feel like a rotting carcus you guys hauling around and I would feel more a loss then asset to your team. But I recognized your name/tag from WestGame and when you guys came to S33, I fully respected your ethics as opposed to SATZ. You played the game as developers created it, none that rule altering stuff. Yes, I will admit it was frustrating sometimes as y’all smashed me a lot, but I have no one to blame but myself as was I not shield time conscious. Anyway just wanted to reach out & say hi from out of the west into the sandhill. If this isn’t “BlackGirl” with name change & she still with y’all hello from (WD)DisneyLand EeyoreVyper.

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