Looking for 3 strong players

Server 819 alliance FFS is looking to fill the last 3 spots to go to Vast Jungle.

We are a PvP focus alliance. Very organized, knowledgeable, and super friendly. We have a well rounded alliance consisting of members from Russia, Germany, Italy, Turkey , America, and more.

We are looking for 3 people who are active, strong, and wanting to grow. Since our server birth about 1.5 years ago, this is the first time we post a recruitment here. Most of our recruiting came from members reaching out from different alliances from barren land or lost island. Our gameplay during the events are very strategic and it has been attractive to most.

Convocation server range is from 751-850

Please reach out me if you are interested! Time is of the essence

Deadline to fill the spots is Wednesday 23:59 UTC

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