Server 100 alliance WTA

S100 Server Rules

-Rules are valid for clans and farmclans that make 5G points a week. (Cutoff time: Sunday evening)


-Monday + Tuesday NAP
Sunday NAP on killevent
new day according to serverreset

Troop Bashing

-Rallying on players without consent is forbidden.
If two attacks were unsucessful a third one is until serverreset forbidden.


-Hitting on tiles is forbidden.
Exception: Gathering on S100 is in preparation and during Killevent forbidden which is why 1 hour before server reset gathering bashing is allowed.


-No attacks on players who are standing at the tree and are conquering it.


-10+ players from a clan standing next to each other count as a hive. Players from the hive are not to be zeroed however the intruder can be zeroed. Players who are not part of a hive can be zeroed anytime


-Bringing chaos into region chat = permission to zero
Deescalation steps:
private - R4 - Mediator - Servermeeting

Gentleman Agreement

-No sharing coordinates of players from other clans in region chat.
During ressource trading no outside interference


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