As we batch 1 in Lost Island already ended few days ago. We are now again entering for a new round of it. Since we already done signing up. Now we are in Matchmaking Phase, as we are in batch 6. Seems like Lost Island are now continuos after you done.

We don’t know who our enemy since matchmaking is ongoing yet in Thursday coming, I will update y’all. :wink:

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Selection Phase And Opponent on Lost Island

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Mudskipper Event

As you will know mudskipper shown in the island it will long last like 5 days. Thus you can rally on it through with your alliance team or you can invade until you run out of stamina. This will consume 30 stamina per rally or per attack. A few advice, as long as your units can accumulate 20,000 points which is the maximum points in mudskipper no need to rally and invade on your own. Those will shorten your time having attack on mudskipper.


Alliance Agreement

As we Ant and Kol alliance have an access on freezone. Leaders both side has an agreement to friendly attack the said wonder, as we schedule today we didn’t know who will be victorious in this wonder. No hills being attack and both of alliance will split the zone. Just only the wonder will have a friendly battle. Who will take the last hit and claim the wonder? Let see after UTC 13 as that is the schedule on both agreement in 2 alliance.

BUG or Change?

I dont know if this has already been change or bug in my island. As i observe each wonder in every alliance I usually amaze how the graphics is, but on the Event Page it names TIDAL SHELL COAST but in the zone name its THE LUNISOLAR SHELL. Showing the pics to know more. Here guys, look at your island if it is the same as what on the picture.

Tell us on the reply section if this was same as your Island :wink:

Alliances Wonders Update!

Each of us already had wonders on our zone territory but what if there are alliances that willing to invade your territory? Are you be able to defend your wonder for the sake of your alliance pride or are you really want then to get as nothing to do?. Take a look at those wonder who gas been occupied on some alliances.
UNS invade SEO territory and took there wonder. Also Antify get those Wonder on the freezone as I was said last time regarding the agreement between two alliance and Antify Win.

Alliances Influence Ranking

Take a look as of October 17 the alliances influence. We dont know who would take the first rank on influences as most of us already have an Idea where this numbers came from, its from fortresses we took and they give your alliance a buff where also an influence on it. Batch 5, Group 120 Alliances Influences Update.

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Coalition of 4 alliance vs UNS as they want to push uns outside the Land of abundance. ANT, NWO, EVO, KOL are dismantling each tower of UNS as part of pushing out the tree nor Land of Abundance. Helping hands each other to kill UNS and capture those buffs on fortresses nor killing each other. Take a look at the pic.