S74-Antify-Alliance Opponent in Lost Island S2

Alliance Matchmaking consume a lot of days since most of servers in-game are joining. As the days goes by, we didn’t know who will be our opponent, what alliances are we against of, until the day that we know who our enemy is. The day where minutes before reset a little bit excited nor trembling feeling we have. This day we know who is our opponent. So after reset the 8 alliances are now shown. We dont know what we are group yet cause Lost Island teleport is in 3 days. Take a look on the picture on who is alliance enemies or friends. What will be the interaction on the first day of Island? Let see next time on my observation.


Good luck ! Looks like a fun island matchup :grin:


Day 1 Observation

As the Lost Island Season 2 begin in server 2-100, there was a lot of changes. On the picture as you can see there is Alliance Resources which all members in an alliance nor leaders can gather anytime resources you want, in a normal zone you can compare in level 8 tiles. Unlike season 1, you need to invade tiles first before you can put your troops to gather, this time much more easier on gathering than last time.


Day 2 (Clay And Alliance Towers)

The clay has been limit in a day. It shown 30k per day.

The limit of alliance clay is 60k should be done in two days. Once the 2 days clays which is 60k has not consumed it will turn to zero in the next day. Unlike last season, you can do build whatever you want as long as there is clay without any limitations. If you do some math on this every 30K you can just build 15 alliance towers with 2000 clay in each tower and 30 alliance towers in two days :sneezing_face:. And once you dismantled your tower you cannot gain back the clay you use on the said alliance tower. Sounds like we need to do some tactics on it. :sweat_smile:


Day 3 (Alliances Progress)

Take a look at the picture on all alliances progress in 3 days. :wink:

See yah again! :kissing_heart:


Upgrading Nodes Season Ants

As the Lost Island Season 2 raging to collect season ants every nodes for sure some of us always such a hurry to invade but how can we get higher nodes if those nodes are already occupied by out teammates? What would we do? So heres the observation from me, as the days goes by we had no idea what happen. Season milestone will unlock the upgradable nodes, if you’re done with Fortresses Milestone then you can upgrade your level 1 nor 2 even 3 into level 4. The consequences on it is you need to invade again to upgrade. Your your units that can capable to invade level 4 nodes, that’s how it works. Or if you have a lot of stamina still needs to collect nodes invade level 1 nodes and upgrade to level 4, as we are done for Path of Conquest Season milestone, season 1 batch 1, the upgradable node is on level 7.


Wonder Update Group 3

CHN alliance hold 2 level 9 wonder which located at clash zone as well as TED alliance 1 level 9 wonder at the clash zone. Other alliance as my alliance hold 2 wonders, one at the freezone and one at initial zone, also the rest alliances holding 1 wonders which located at there initial zone. Take a look at the picture below. Updated September 1, let see what well happen in the next days. :wink:


Updated Alliances Kills, Influence and Power.




Throughout the season, this is our Group 3 Lost Island updated Sept. 4, 2022. I will do updated tomorrow or the other day, this will do a lot of changes since tunnel 9 will open.
Thanks for the heart react and reading guys :heart:

Wonders Update

Today CHN from server 97 already took the tree while other alliances holding there wonders on there initial nor those wonders outside the initial zone. Take a look at the picture below :wink: