[S2] The Adventures of CptBoogz [Season2(Group2)]

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: CptBoogz

Alliance: Shan Ding Hei Du She (HDS)

Personal Observer Goal: Progressive news on LI and some helpful information

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

  1. Life on the Island
  2. The Discovery of the Tunnels and Mudskippers(To Be Written on Sunday)

(Ignore my table of content, too much will flood the introduction page)

Group 2 (Season 2.B1) Information

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Name Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Brothers and Sisters BaS 83 Tyranus 100 7,047,029,359
CENTRE FOR ANTS WOK 7 Anty 99 6,576,969,467
God is a girl S16 48 BWSㄨ龍 100 6,895,402,116
Dominators TnT 36 晚XDYEET宴 97 4,929,787,825
Into The Unknown TYM 17 talibongx 100 6,333,994,328
Shan Ding Hei Du She HDS 2 一颗果果Apple 99 12,425,194,597
Always Lativs Fault ALF 49 HarleyQueen 100 5,645,191,237
No Name Needed NNN 69 SoulX 99

Mon. Aug 15, 2022.
Life on the island for the second time is a bit easier now, maybe because we got a strong group or maybe the experience for the first season has gave me some knowledge to what to do. This is how I adapted to the island.
When I first wake up I do early rallies of lizards and the weekly rally creatures but depending on the days of trial of valor…I still do my 10 and 5 rallies first. After my rallies I would manage my season soldier nodes if I have available cap space and max it out as soon as possible. That should already consumed most my stamina…if I have atleast 10 leftover I would do warzone construction with one unit the go gather for RSS while my stamina recovers. Even after my warzone construction is finish I would wait till my stamina is about 50 in all 4 march units before I go hunt wild creatures or hornets. After the hunt I would sit to recover stamina and await Leaders commands to take buildings and build towers.


Thursday Aug 18 2022

Well, this week Mudskipper has been introduced into the island. Most did not expect it to cost 30 stamina as we all got comfortable with the last time we had to use that much stamina. With the introduction of it, my routine has changed slightly. Instead of fighting 10 Lizards/Geckos consecutively after reset…I decided to go about doing it every 20 stamina I can get. I decided to hit the the mudskippers 10 times after reset so can better manage my stamina till the next day without worrying about getting first 10 hit rewards which is an island egg. It’s been a weird adjustment but I’m still figuring it out.



Today the Tunnel has open to the clash area as my alliance and I push towards the Shark Remains. Some of us have wondered if we had made friends with our neighbors or did we start the ember that could turn to a full on blaze of war. We noticed we need more than just resources to survive but to also cultivate revival fungi to keep our army able to continue fighting. The terrain is rough in the clash area we see ourselves slowly constructing our way to through the area but we are managing. We tested the might of some of our neighbors and we are testing our trust in the others as we progress through the jungle. I know it’s only the beginning but, the future is still far from reach.


Aug. 31, 2022

As we progress through the clash area of the island, we have found strength and blessing after occupying the shark relic but with the blessing comes conflict as we did not enter the area alone but with allies. We assumed that the territory will still have an abundance of resources to share but we were wrong and we have tasted a bittersweetness from one of our allies. We anticipated a safety measure if there was a betrayal in the background but we never thought it would happen. We had full trust in our allies. As this is a test of unity and strength we are still being tested with one more ally, we continue our path into the land of abundance and upholding our peace with them is number one priority and to do that we must drive out but not eliminate the traitors.


Sept. 8, 2021

Days have passed since the opening of the Land of Abundance and we didn’t expect there were others. With one problem rising another follows, it may have seem that there other alliances who have banded to together to reap the land of its resources and we fought endlessly for days till we are out of medical supplies. We have retreated into our main camp and replan our next move. As the days comes close to the end I feel we will be leaving with scars and stories.


Sept 14, 2022

Exhausted, frustrated, anxious, and filled with grief. I decided to guard the gates door with all my might of not moving. Sacrificing time and mental will to keep any intruders from invading our land. While the others share the spoils and send threats to invade us, I show more commitment now to see to the end and not show any despair. It’s still far from over and defeat is alot closer than victory but it will be a victory in itself to survive our ordeal. We fought skirmishes but not have waged full war. We have raided hills but not burned them to ashes. We may have found ourselves in stage of growth rather than see ourselves weakened.

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At last, War has breached our doors. A guardsmen has fell asleep on duty and the enemy was at our doorstep. We fought to keep the gates close but, the numbers were overwhelming and reinforcements were still asleep. We had no choice but, to step back and watch as our lands get invaded. For 3 days we tried with all our might to push the enemies back but, to no avail we have consumed more RSS to heal and continue. We decisively retreated and watch as some of our buildings were being overtaken by our enemies. We waited, healed, recovered, and reorganized ourselves. We thought we couldn’t recover but, we had valiant fighters within our ranks who didn’t give up and gave their all till the end. Within 2 days we have fought under duress and manage to drive our enemies 1 by 1 back. We manage to recover our buildings and our Wonder. Battered and wounded we thought to ourselves “That giving up, wasn’t in our our name.” Even though we didn’t manage to claim the clash or the tree…we have managed to fight our hardest and protect our home area and to us it is an accomplishment. Our journey this round has ended and we are relief and excited for the next.