S193, NIP, Lost Island Trip 3 Journey

Hello All,
I am starting my third trip to Lost Island and I am really hoping the third time is the charm. For this trip to the island, my alliance has used convocation to find a new home. We have moved from our previous server to S193. We have joined another alliance and hope to make this the best island trip ever. We are currently in registration period and should be moving into Matchmaking period at server reset this evening. Not much to report as of yet.
Until Next Time,
Lady Moiya

We have one week down on the Island. This time around is going much better than my last two trips. The downfall for me is the fact that our small alliance joined a much bigger active alliance which means I took a step down to R3 with very little chance at promotion.
What this means for me personally as a player:

  1. I am not able to participate as much in activities. - New alliances bigger players get first row/shot at Lairs/Residences etc.
  2. Not able to finish achievements as quickly as before. - Since the larger players from the new alliance are getting first row, they are killing everything before smaller players marches even have a chance to hit the target.
  3. Am able to complete the weekly event a little easier since we have more than enough members on all the time to do alliance helps.
    I know that there are Pro’s and Con’s to joining another alliance. The previous merge caused so much drama and hate, that we actually had to leave our home server to find peace somewhere else. So far, other than the feeling of being left behind, this has been a positive experience. I know that all the other players from my original alliance are happy with the decision. I am just a smaller player, so have a lot to try and catch up on.
    The R5/R4 make a schedule of when Lair/Residence will be taken down and post it to Alliance Mail and Discord the day before. As a smaller player I have found I need to pick one that I would like to participate in and move my hill to that location as soon as possible in order to get one of 3 quicker march spots. This is the only way I will be able to hit the target and earn “Kills” before the larger players take it down completely. It is nice to have the schedule so everyone is on the same page and knows when to be where. It would be a little more “Fair” to players if more of the slots around each target had the same march time. Not sure Fair is the correct word, it would just even the playing field a little more.
    This time around I am finding it harder to have information to report back since now that I am an R3, I am no longer included in the decision making of the alliance. Will report back soon.
    Lady Moiya
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That is heartbreaking to read. I hope by the end you are able to get all of your achievements.