[S18-BFO] (Season 2 Batch 5) The Re-Adventure of CptBoogZ

Our Match Up:

Our Position:

My Story:
Well, For starters I have chosen to go with a different alliance to try to better understand and explore more on the island. We have chosen the King Crab Flatlands as a starting point and base camp. We have plans to explore unparallel lands and to fight for our prestige. I will be posting weekly journals of my adventure and I hope you all will enjoy it.

Oct. 06, 2022

As we head to our 4th day of the island, Our alliance has steadily paced itself conquering every buildings we come across…We have shown our tenacity and capability in teamwork and individual strength. We may be a new a group but we are cooperating well. As we head towards our main goal, day by day we better prepare ourselves for what’s to come. We have been anticipating the arrival of the mudskippers and such.


Oct.13, 2022

We have been re-introduced to the mudskippers once again. Finally knowing the cost of it last round made it easier to manage or so I thought. While managing to do daily task such as hunting lizards and insects, I find myself in a different situation as my alliance decided to venture into Conch Canyon. While we briskly built our way to the Twin Conches we see from a distant another alliance is seeking to challenge us at the wonder. We paid no mind at first until they caught us by surprise and gaining the wonder while we slept. When morning coming, we thought to ourselves to let them linger or we fight…We chose to fight and it was a day long fight and we weren’t winning. We fought and we fought but, we find ourselves in front of a stronger alliance. We gained back the wonder to hold for the day but, came nightfall and we found ourselves beaten out of the wonder. Now my alliance is deciding on our next approach.

Oct. 19, 2022
A week has passed since the mudskippers and we have lost the wonder in the Conch Canyon. Now, we strategized and waited for the tunnel 7 to open.

This week Tunnel 7 has opened and it opened up a new area to discover and this time we have introduced ourselves to the orange team.

We have gained a few lairs and residence since the opening of the tunnel and found ourselves an early fight against the Orange. We were fortunate enough to suppress their movements for the time being and refocused our movements to the Wonder. We finally reached it and conquer the Wonder…now we await orders for leadership on our next approach

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Oct. 27, 2022

During our exploration in the clash area, we had a few skirmish for the territory and it was hard fought. Our opponent looks to be trying their best to fight for more territories and we are not letting them have their way. :joy:

We manage to gain the upper hand with our teamwork and awesome defensive strategy. We knew the milestone was coming up, so we decided to do our best and gain enough influence to the top but, we soon realized it was a bit of a challenge since we had a limit of clay to move further in the area. In the end we were satisfied with what achieved and look forward to our entry to the land of abundance.

Nov. 4th, 2022

To much surprise, this week the tunnels to the Land of Abundance has opened and we are not fiercely competing with others to conquer the tree. It hasn’t been a easy road. Our opponents have reluctantly allied themselves and we found ourselves with Team Yellow. Since now the area is being fought in a 2v2 us(Pink and Yellow) vs them (Blue and Brown) and it’s been a fierce fight going back and forth.

The outcome of the fights is still ongoing…may the ant gods bless us with victory.

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Nov. 12, 2022

As the event of Lost Island comes to an in end in like 6 Days, My alliance and I have fought hard for position of the tree but, with the current buff from three and several wonders, we find ourselves outmatched with our opponents. Even with an alliance with Team Yellow, we were pushed out of the territory by some mighty players. I am unsure what will be our next task or if my alliance will continue to grind tooth and nail for a position.

As we continue to gain a few grounds. We find ourselves over exhausting ourselves of resources to heal and fight. We might make a decisive decision in the days closer to the end but, for now we Fight!

Nov. 18, 2020

As the season comes to a close…I would like to thank all the alliances that have participated and made the island worthwhile. We fought tooth and nail to rise in the island and it will forever be memorized. It was fun and there was no sign of disrespect amongst each other.

Till Next Time…